why cold pressed?

It is the most nutritionally beneficial way to juice fruits and vegetables. Our juice is never high-pressure processed (HPP), giving you the best that each root, leaf, stalk, and fruit has to offer. We serve our juice in glass bottles to limit environmental impact as well as having a returnable bottle program and composting efforts coming soon.

our story

Market Juice was founded on principles of community and health. The idea came from travels around the world and finding these clean, healthy juicing options and making the decision we deserve that access as well! This is a family business operated by siblings, Sarah Glassett and Riley Smith. Sarah teaches yoga and cycle and lives in Girdwood with her family. Riley is a physicist who loves games, sailing, and learning new things (especially when you can do math). Both Sarah, Riley and the extended Market Juice family are committed to inspiring wellness and look forward to growing alongside Anchorage and getting to know you all.